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  • Violet by Hairware Natural Collection gossamer top range

    Open Top

    The Open Top Range offers different styles on a lightweight fully wefted cap with a top made from the finest gossamer lace to ensure the wearers comfort so they look and feel fantastic. The gossamer top allows the air to circulate freely to create a lightweight comfortable fit. Petal patterned netting adds stretch and support to every style and is dyed in a complementary shade to ensure complete coverage for a full and natural look. These styles are also adaptable and can be styled to either the left or the right and additional volume can be added for a fuller look. (Prices range from £125 - £154)

  • Willow by Hairware Natural Collection mono parting range

    Mono Part

    The Mono Part Range features three stunning styles that include a strip of monofilament down the parting on a wefted cap. The Monofilament parting will mimic the look of hair growing from the scalp to create the most natural look possible. Each hair is individually hand tied on this section to simulate natural hair growth. (Prices range from £164 - £199)

  • Jasmine by Hairware Natural Collection lace front range

    Lace Front

    The Lace Front Range imitates a natural hair line including fine wispy hairs framing the face. The styles have been custom made to feature a graduated density which is fine and then thickens towards the wearer’s crown. They can be styled and parted giving additional flexibility so they can be worn as chosen by the wearer for a natural and stylish look. (Prices range from £169 - £244)

  • Iris by Hairware Natural Collection monofilament Range

    Monofilament Top

    The Monofilament Range offers the wearer maximum flexibility as they can be styled and parted like natural hair. The monofilament top on the cap helps mimic a natural scalp and skin tone with each hair hand tied to simulate natural hair growth. These styles will be particularly suitable for women with sensitive scalps or undergoing chemotherapy due to the soft lightweight and breathable materials used. (Prices range from £179 - £264)

  • Fuschia by Hairware Natural Collection lace front monofilament range

    Lace Front Monofilament Top

    The Lace Front Monofilament Range combines hand tied features, monofilament construction and lace front technology to create a natural and customised fit. These styles give the illusion of a natural scalp, skin tone and hairline allowing the wearer to part and style like natural hair. Even styles away from the face look natural and believable. (Prices range from £194 - £260)

  • Lilac by Hairware Natural Collection special blend

    Special Blends

    The Natural Collections Special Blends offers the ultimate alternative to the rising costs of human hair and can withstand temperatures of up to 180°C. The fibre offers a flawless texture that is soft, easy to comb and brush that maintains the movement and touch of human hair whilst remaining lightweight to the wearer. The Special Blend range features a number of different cap constructions but have been made using a special blend of the finest synthetic fibre and human hair. This fibre can be heated, curled and straightened like natural hair. The hair is made up of 70% heat friendly fibre and 30% human hair so that it looks, feels and styles just like the real thing! Please note these styles cannot be bleached or dyed. (Prices range from £464 - £534)

  • Honeysuckle by Natural Image Fully Hand tied collection

    Hand Tied

    Timeless styling coupled with cutting edge construction makes this an unbeatable combination. Lace front technology and hand tied features through-out make these wigs soft, lightweight and natural for women of all ages. (Prices £209)

  • Human Hair

    This human hair collection is the has been selected by the Hairware team of professionals offering the ultimate in rich colour, unique texture, exquisite body and health.. These wigs can be blow-dried, straightened, tonged or hot rolled to produce your chosen look. (Prices range from £489 - £809)

  • California Collection

    This California Collection range is a new and exciting collection offering 19 fashionable styles that features three cap constructions. Wefted, mono-filament and soft lace front wigs which are custom made to have a graduated density giving the appearance of finer hair at the front that thickens towards the crown. (Prices range from £155 - £310)

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