Do’s and Don’ts with wigs


You will need to treat Human hair wigs differently from Synthetic wigs as they are made of different materials… below are a few points to consider…

Synthetic Wigs:

  • Do NOT use heat of any kind, unless it is a special heat retardant synthetic fibres which can withstand heat to a certain temperature..
  • Wash in cool water
  • Be careful when opening a hot oven or cooking too near to a barbecue
  • Do not try to colour it in any way
  • Medium to long styles are more prone ‘friction frizz’. This is where the plastic fibres rub on shoulders, clothes etc and cause the ends to buckle and look split.. These will need to be cut or steamed….
  • Use appropriate cold water soluble shampoo and conditioner and styling products
  • Let your wig air dry
  • Use a wig tree or polystyrene head when not being worn to help it keep its shape
  • Use wig combs or wig brushes to ensure your don’t over brush or damage your wig or wig foundation
  • It is not advised to sleep in your wig as it will slip and tangle


Human Hair Wigs:

  • You can use heated styling equipment, hair dryers, tongs and straighteners etc, but be careful getting the base of the wig too hot… try to keep the heat as low as possible as once the hair fibres are damaged, it will not grow!!!
  • Can be cut to keep in the best condition as possible as its human hair fibres, it is still prone to split ends
  • Wash every 10 to 12 wears.. but could need washing more if you apply more products..
  • You can use normal hair shampoo and conditioner but there are better human hair wig products on the market
  • It is not advised to sleep in your wig as it will slip and tangle

If you need any more advise , please contact me..