What do I do with my old wig?

I get asked this question a lot.

It depends on a few factors,

: is my wig in good condition?

: is it human or synthetic fibres?

Synthetic fibres takes hundreds of years to de-compose if at all!

So what’s the best thing? If you think you wig still has a bit of wear in it, then you could think of sending to a company that offers second hand wigs to anyone that may not be able to afford a new one.

If you think that it needs to be binned! Instead of just throwing it away, some companies offer a ethical disposal service. Then it can be broken down into plastic polymers.

Human hair wigs can also be donated to the second hand wig market but when it needs to thrown away, the human hair fibres can be recycled into fertiliser and it is biodegradable.

I have a leaflet that lists all the companies that offer second hand wigs or ethical disposal.