What type of wig should I buy?

There are many wigs on the market and there are many different constructions… Wefted, Mono- filament, hand knotted, lace front!!! All very confusing….
In this article I hope to simplify them so you understand what you are looking for…..
Generally, the more hand work, the more expensive the wig will be….
So if a wig is all machine made,, called Wefted, these are the cheapest on the market…great if your style has body and a fringe..
Mono-filament means that there is a portion of the wig normally on the top section or just the parting is made of a fine mesh or net.. This gives the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp…great for flat neat partings…
Lace front wigs are excellent for hair styles that are swept off the face or show a very visible parting, no fringes… These are made from fine flesh coloured net or lace so it is virtually invisible.
Handmade wigs are the most expensive on the market due to the labour used to construct them…
Handmade wigs will have a mono-filament top section as standard… Many human hair wigs are made in this fashion….
I hope this helps you make the right decision…
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