How do I get my wig to fit?

Jessica by Jon Renau

Having your wig feel secure is vital!!

If you feel your wig might move while you’re out on that special night out, you’re be checking it constantly. You need to feel relaxed and enjoy yourself….Lace front monofilament hand tied

Here are a few tips:

  • Firstly ensure it is in the correct position. The front hair line should be approx. four fingers width from your eyebrows…..
  • Apply a stocking top before putting your wig on. If you have hair, use grips to secure the stocking top to your hair and then you can grip the wig to both for added security….If you haven’t got much hair, it will act as another thin layer and will feel a little more comfortable.
  • Every wig has adjustable tabs on the inside at the nape of the neck which can be tightened. (see image 6)
  • Every wig has hidden metal strips above the temples. These need to be slightly bent into the head to add a little more security. (see image 5)
  • If you have a lace fronted wig, a special glue called spirit gum or double sided scalp tape can be used which is invisible but just adds that confidence for you. (Patch test will be needed for the spirit gum)
  • Last resort!! The wig can be cut and made smaller…. Please seek a professional for this service.

If you are still having problems, then you may need to purchase a petite wig, which is readily available in many brands..

Please contact me if you need any more advise……