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Securing your own hair under a wig

Have you got long hair and want to secure it under a wig,, There are many techniques but illustrated below are easy to follow steps on how to pin, secure and apply your wig… (pin curls and braids can also be used) If you need any more advice, please contact Sara on 07900921594 or 02392361594

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Wigs to fit large heads

Are you having problems finding a wig to fit your head because your head is a bit larger than normal??? There are 2 German companies, Gisela Mayer and Ellen Wille that make some amazing wigs to suit heads of a larger size…  So if you measure around your head circumference and its 56cms to 60cms […]

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Can’t find a wig to fit?

Lace front Mono cap

There are not many wigs that come in large cap sizes so anyone who has a 58cm or above head circumference really struggles to find a wig to fit. Or if you have a lot of hair underneath your wig cap, this has the same effect. I can offer a specialist wig alteration service to […]

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How do I get my wig to fit?

Jessica by Jon Renau

Having your wig feel secure is vital!! If you feel your wig might move while you’re out on that special night out, you’re be checking it constantly. You need to feel relaxed and enjoy yourself…. Here are a few tips: Firstly ensure it is in the correct position. The front hair line should be approx. […]

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