Wigs to fit large heads

Are you having problems finding a wig to fit your head because your head is a bit larger than normal??? There are 2 German companies, Gisela Mayer and Ellen Wille that make some amazing wigs to suit heads of a larger size…  So if you measure around your head circumference and its 56cms to 60cms then these are the wigs for you….

They come in many styles and colours…. Both companies ship to me within 2 to 3 working days….

Here are just some of the selection available…

To book your consultation, please phone Sara on 02392361594 or 07900921594

ew_hairpower_tempo_100_deluxeew_hairpower_date (2)Hightech DHawaii Mono Deluxe Lace Large_305KFox Mono Lace DeluxeDelfine Mono Large Lace_GM20-22Alexa Mono Large Lace_8-27F