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For over 30 years, Natural Image Wigs have been a leader in the industry of wigs and hairpieces in the UK. Rooted in humble beginnings, Natural Image has now grown into a multi-million pound, much respected business, a testimony to years of research and development into the manufacture and supply of top quality wigs.

Natural Image caters to a broad range of needs and as well as being a leading fashion brand on the High Street.

All of these products are easy to wear and come in a huge range of stunning colours and textures. These wigs also have adjustable cap sizes in order to provide you with a tailored fit and to give you confidence that your wig will stay in place. There is a wide selection of styles across all the ranges that come in a petite size to insure the perfect fit to suit the smaller clientele..

Inspired Collection

These are salon inspired collection of wigs that are designed for the young at heart…

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 Lovely Lengths

These are all lovely long styles in many colour blends which are always in fashion

Joanna- Harvest Gold- FRONT MAIN Willow_alt (2) nova_p crystal_p_alt 

Beautiful Bobs

These are stylish bobs to suit all


Short Cuts

These styles are sharp, chic and forever fashionable…

Classic Luxury

Classic styles combined with luxurious details



Timeless styles that will last

nicenneat_p Definitely_p_alt vernice_p ruby_p virgo_p_alt

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